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Rules and Policies

First of all, I've procured a copy of Vanity Fair from the library and downloaded the entire thing from LibriVox, and now that I've finished the book for my other book club, I'm going to start reading it. Yay!

Second, given that I'm still learning my moderator duties as I go, and that newcomers sometimes post and ask how things work, I thought it might be useful to have all our rules and policies clearly outlined. This is more for use as a resource than grounds for admonishing people, though it would be nice if the discussion posts followed a general format so that the archives are easily searchable and members have a mutually enjoyable discussion experience (ie: no spoilers). So I've taken the existing rules and organized them as well as added some guidelines.

Rules and Policies for the Bibliophyles Community

"The Library"

  1. The master book list for the community is called "The Library". All books read by the community must be nominated from that list.

  2. If you'd like to suggest books to be added to that list, you may comment in that post with up to three (3) titles per month.

  3. Titles will be added to the list at the discretion of the moderators if they meet the criteria outlined in the post.


  1. Approximately one (1) week prior to the end of the month (or the end of the second month if we read a long book), a moderator will make a nominations post.

  2. Each member is eligible to make one (1) nomination per month, in a comment on the post specifically calling for nominations, not in "The Library" post. The comments to such posts will be screened.

  3. You must wait at least six (6) months after a book by a given author is read to nominate another book by the same author. Ineligible authors will be listed in each nominations post.

  4. Any ineligible nominations will not be considered for the poll.

  5. Once fifteen (15) different nominations have been made or 3 days have elapsed (whichever comes first), a poll will be posted. This is not meant to reward the fastest posting members, but merely to keep the total number of titles in the poll at a reasonable level, as well as prevent voting for multiple books (which would be necessary if more than 15 titles were included, as that is the maximum number of choices per poll question).


  1. Once the initial poll (with up to fifteen titles) has been posted, voting will remain open for two (2) days, and the closing date/time will be announced in the initial poll post.

  2. If one book receives greater than 50% of the votes, that book will be chosen as the next month's selection.

  3. If no single book receives greater than 50% of the votes, a runoff poll with two (2) to five (5) choices will be posted. The number is not set because ties in the number of votes are possible (and even likely) so the number of choices will be the number closest to three (3) that accommodates ties (as per a previous feedback poll). In the unlikely event of a six-way tie for first place, the moderators will come up with a fair solution.

  4. The runoff poll will remain open for two (2) days, and the closing date/time will be announced in the runoff poll post. At that time the moderator will post the next month's selection.

  5. All nominations/voting will occur prior to the first of each month.

Discussion posts

  1. Once a book is announced, any member of the community may post about it.

  2. If the post is a discussion of the book, please follow this format for post titles: Book/Chapter(s)/Subject. For example, Wuthering Heights/Chapters 1-16/I cried my eyes out! or Jane Eyre/All Chapters/This is my favorite book of all time!. All discussion should be put behind an lj-cut. The purpose of listing the chapters in the post title is to prevent people from being spoiled if they haven't read as far as the poster. By the same token, please don't post comments regarding material not covered in that post.

  3. Feel free to post other material (aside from or in addition to discussion of the books). Examples may include links to articles, icons, or related material. Again, anything that gives away plot points about the novel should be placed behind an lj-cut.

  4. I should hope this goes without saying, but be civil! There will be a variety of opinions about what we read (at least we hope there will be!) and you likely will not agree with all of them. There is a difference between expressing one's opinion and attacking people with different opinions. We've never seen this as a problem in this community, but we wanted it in the rules nonetheless.

This should be a somewhat democratic process, so let's have a vote on the rules. Let's say they'll be accepted as is if greater than 70% of the voters vote yes. I've included some gray-area choices. Please vote Yes if you accept them as written. Please vote No if you don't think you could accept them even with a few changes. Please vote Yes, but I have some reservations if you'd like a few things changed, but could still live with these rules as written. Please vote Not without some changes if you will only accept them with modifications. If you vote either of the latter two choices, PLEASE TELL US WHY by answering question #2 (Please describe your reservations/changes, if applicable.). We cannot incorporate any changes unless we know what you want. If the 70% quota is not met, we'll look at the suggested changes, and have another vote. The poll will be left open until December 9th, to ensure that most members have a chance to vote.


Poll #1094320 Rules and Policies

Do you accept the rules and policies as written?

Yes, but I have some reservations.
Not without some changes.

Please describe your reservations/changes, if applicable.

Update: Poll results as of 7:45pm CST on 09 December 2007

Yes. (21 votes, 95.5%)
No. (0 votes, 0%)
Yes, but I have some reservations. (1 votes, 4.5%)
Not without some changes. (0 votes, 0%)

Please describe your reservations/changes, if applicable. (no comments)

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